I'm a wannabe writer.  Maybe I'm good at it.  Maybe not.  But at the heart of that want is a love of words.

Words mean things.  Words evolve, but not simply because one person says.  One person doesn't get to redefine, say, hypocrisy.

When Mac (she knows who she is) bemoans, "Try honestly to listen to other perspectives." she falls into her own trap of hypocrisy.  She speaks of listening, and being honest.  But, in fact, she's ejected any and all opinion other than that with which she agrees.  You can almost pick conversations at random from her forum.  Say, this one, and you'll see it over and over.  It's the others.  News.  Hate groups.  Fake News.  Propagandists.  Trump.  Ivanka.  Whatever.

Never looking inward.

I thought she was seeing it, once.  But then, it rapidly devolved back to closing threads because they MIGHT go wrong.  Or this one, where no allegation of forum wrongdoing is made, just that users have to prove that they will be reasonable.  Pray tell, how does that match up with "try to listen to other perspectives"?

It's not like she and her staff are totally closed off.  For one example, they stepped in here.

At the same time, look at how I refuted one of their stated examples in this thread.  Did you see a single acknowledgment that the characterization was incorrect?  That the party did NOT support or even condone the statement in question?  Not one.  And this in a thread the site owner herself started to speak to the single-sided conversations in said forum.  Which, by the way, also went on for pages NOT talking about that single-sided nature.  It instead became yet another thread of complaints about why can't Republicans be more reasonable.  You know, the Republicans that immediately and vociferously spoke out against a stupid assertion about rape, and were never acknowledged for it.  Why even attempt conversation when behavior like that makes it clear that nothing will change about the accusations hurled at Republicans and conservatives in that forum?

I don't doubt their intentions.  But intentions are not actions.  And I DO doubt their actions.  Intentions don't make one automatically right (OR wrong).  Especially when they did what they did to me.  Tell me not to respond to their repeated denigrations of me, and then assign motives to me with making ANY effort at discussion.  But, of course, all that was done in private.  Hence no links for you, dear readers, on this one.

They frequently assert that one can own one's opinion, but one cannot own the truth.  It's just too bad that they opt to not follow their own advice.

They don't love words.  They love opinions.  Their own.