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Some people live their lives fearing being wrong.  They believe wrong is weak.  Wrong is... well... wrong.

But some of the greatest minds in history have been.  There's nothing wrong about wrong.

I'm a wannabe writer.  Maybe I'm good at it.  Maybe not.  But at the heart of that want is a love of words.

Words mean things.  Words evolve, but not simply because one person says.  One person doesn't get to redefine, say, hypocrisy.

When the Mass Effect video game first came out, I was no fan.  The "over the shoulder" viewpoint of the game turned me off.  I never got into the story because I couldn't stop noticing the perspective and how it was getting in my way.  Boy, have things changed…


I've been noticing posts across several writer's forums and sites where writers ponder giving up because the perfect words won't come out. It seems like people believe they weren't meant to do this is they cannot emulate John Donne, or Lord Milton, or whomever their writing hero might be.  Fear not, fellow, writers!  It's completely okay to fail!